Discover How The Wholesome Lifestyle Project Will Help You To Create a Positive Relationship With Food With Our Free Healthy Eating Toolkit!

Even If You Feel Let Down By Prior Training!

Download your free copy of The Healthy Eating Toolkit and get ready to discover how to:

  • Choose foods for optimal mental & physical health
  • Take the overwhelm out of meal planning
  • Make over your meals for sustainable change
  • Use 6 simple steps to go from mindless eating to mindful eating

Who Is This Mindful Eating Toolkit For?

It’s for you if you struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with food, if you are constantly yo-yo dieting and feel like you just can’t sustain an eating programme long-term.

This is for you if you’re fed up with diets and want to live a healthy, more balanced life when it comes to food.

The Healthy Eating Toolkit is for you if you are ready to let go of the guilt you feel when you eat!

It’s for you if you are ready to trust yourself around food!

If you are ready to make sustainable change then this is where you will find it!

Who Is Wholesome LIfestyle Project?

Hi I’m Stel,

I developed the Wholesome Lifestyle Project to support busy women to end the war with food and their bodies.

I have myself recovered from binge eating and now I empower thousands of women all over the world to feel confident in their bodies through the very steps that I took myself to overcome and sustain a binge-free life!

I understand all those late-night cravings, those moments when emotions got too much and I used food to manage them. I understand the shame and guilt I experienced around food and trying to hide my problems from those closest to me.

But there is another way...a healthier, more positive way, that allows you to feel unshakeable in the beautiful person that you are and be confident in making healthy, sustainable choices.

The Healthy Eating Toolkit is designed to start you on this journey and give you practical steps you can implement today!

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Create a Positive Relationship With Food With Our Free Healthy Eating Toolkit!

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Life is too short to feel guilty for what you ate