Wholesome Lifestyle Sisterhood

Do you want to heal your relationship with food & body, cultivate body confidence + find your sisterhood?

This is a safe space to share your journey and get your binge and emotional eating questions answered by Stel Coombe-Heath, Binge and emotional eating mentor.

With this group you get

  • A private community hosted outside of social media (social media platforms have become too crowded and are not discreet)
  • A free grift sent to your inbox to help you stop binge eating
  • A FREE Binge free mentoring Session to help you get clear on what action you need to take and how to start taking it. (Value $215)
  • Weekly training/videos / Workshops/ Live guest speakers
  • Regular challenges that inspire you to take action
  • A podcast sharing the Honest Truth about finally getting control back of your eating. Professional advice on all forms of overeating (emotional eating, binge eating, stress eating etc), food addiction, yoga, energy balance, hormone health and body acceptance.

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