Radical Body Acceptance Program

An 8-week Mind, body, Chakra JOURNEY That Reprograms Your Body Beliefs!

What if your "perfect body" was the one you were in today?

  • Learn to feel comfortable in your body, silence the negative voice in your head
  • Getting clear on what is most important and meaningful to you in your life
  • Trust and feel good about the choices you make for your body
  • Feel a solid sense of confidence in who you are
  • Feeling confident in yourself without thinking you need to look or be any different than you are.
  • Take care of your health without focusing on weight (yes that’s actually possible!)

The Radical Body Acceptance Program is for heart-centered women, just like YOU!!

Who are sick and tired of wasting so much time and energy worrying about what you eat and what other people might think of you!!

  • Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt ashamed of your reflection? Or hated your body?
  • You’re tired of counting calories, macros, and logging numbers into apps
  • Tired of constantly thinking about your body: judging it, and worrying what other people think about it.

You're not alone - millions of women feel the same way.

There's no shame in seeking help to improve your body image.

You deserve to love and accept yourself, just as you are.

You deserve to live your life on your own terms, in the body that you have!

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Hi - I’m Stel Coombe-Heath - chakra body acceptance coach.

I’m here to help you develop a positive relationship with your body, without dieting or focusing on weight loss.

I'm a certified health coach helping you find body acceptance through the chakras

I specialize in body image, spirituality, emotional eating, and overall wellness.

My personal journey with body image has been rocky, I can relate to the emotional eating roller coaster that I see with my clients.

I think as women we're all on some level of the same journey, trying to learn how to love our bodies and ourselves, I feel all my clients have the power to make choices that support, so I do everything I can to help them find their own path.

And this is why I created the 8-week Radical body acceptance program for women who want to learn about self-confidence, self-love and body acceptance.

The Radical Body Acceptance Program is an 8-week mind, body, chakra journey to help you silence the inner critic, feel free and find peace with your body.

I will help you move through the obstacles using various practices such as:

  • Chakra balancing tools to help you restore balance in your life and feel more connected to your body
  • Feeling comfortable and safe in your body
  • You can enjoy yourself at a wedding, or on the beach without worrying how your body looks.
  • Identifying and questioning deeply rooted negative body beliefs
  • Feeling confident in yourself without thinking you need to look or be any different than you are.
  • Be able to eat food and make movement choices
  • Connect to your heart and inner wisdom so it can be your guide
  • Feeling more positive because you say kind and supportive words to yourself
  • Mindfully indulging in the foods you want, not what you’re “supposed to”
  • Moving your body in a way that feels energetic and good to you
  • Experience your inner divinity

Through a combination of mentoring sessions, chakra balancing practices, EFT tapping and gentle movement,between-session goals and activities, and after-hours support by text or voice that meets your individual needs, our work together will support you in working with your energy, thoughts, feelings, and behavior of your body acceptance journey.

Here's What your Radical Body acceptance Journey Looks like

8 weeks of private one-on-one mentoring

Accepting and finding peace with your body isn’t a quick fix. How many years or decades have you spent trying to change it, it's going to take time to change. That's why my 8-week radical body acceptance journey is designed to help you take the next step forward


Initial Consultation

Initial consultation to peel back the layers of your "food and body story" and speak about your mindset and the beliefs that hinder you. We get clear on what is most important and meaningful to you in your life

7×45-minute follow-up coaching sessions

We will meet weekly to dive deep into the root of your body image, self-worth, and relationship with food. We will come up with actions you can take in-between sessions to address them.

Downloadable Resources with lifetime access!

Each week you will receive resources, handouts, chakra guides, audio recordings and so much more. This will be stored in an online portal for you to access

Unlimited Support

One of the best parts of private one-on-one support is that you get access to me in-between sessions via the Telegram app (a text and voice messaging app)

I know how triggering looking at social media, and buying new clothes can be, so you don’t have to wait until your next session to talk about it and get support!

What others had to say about Stel

Stel coached me over an 8-week program to rewire my overeating brain. She is such a highly motivated, supportive, and loving person. After each of our weekly sessions, I had new tools to put into practice, to improve my relationship with food and my relationship with myself. I feel like I can conquer the world and all the food in it. I am now aware of my bad eating habits and how to deal with them in a positive way. Stel’s program changed me for life by bringing out the best of me and the better part I did not know I had. Thank you Stel. xx

Love Carien Roos

Jamie Majer

Carien Roos

"I can't say enough good things about my experience with Estelle! Her 30 Day Challenge set me on the right path. It was a judgement free, enjoyable, and motivating way to learn and apply all the skills needed to change my relationship with food. I was so pleased with my progress I decided to work one-on-one with her. Stel's patient and calming demeanor during our sessions is something I look forward to every week. I am amazed at the things I've learned about myself, my habits, my hang-ups, and, most importantly, all the things I'm capable of. Each time we meet I'm given new skills to put into practice, not only to improve my relationship with food, but to improve my relationship with myself. Estelle is the kind, empathetic, and nurturing presence I've needed to enable me to be my best self.."

"Working with Estelle was a life changing experience!! In one call she had pin pointed my biggest problem I was scared of food therefore I wasn't eating enough. I now eat MORE FOOD is no longer my enemy but a source of energy!! My brain tells me when I'm done and my body lets me know when its hungry. Our bodies are incredible vessels and they KNOW what to do!! Thank you Estelle!!!"

Mary-Ann Illing

You spend an excessive amount of time worrying about what you are putting in your mouth and what other people may be thinking of you

You always seem to be trying different ways to get lean and tone up, but end up frustrated and upset that your body never looks anything like the "perfect" of fit and healthy

You can't seem to get out of the punishment-reward cycle and always wish you could be kinder to yourself and listen to your body

I've been there and it's soul destroying

My name is Stel Coombe-Heath, and exactly 3 years ago, I had started my binge eating recovery journey, binge eating at least every second day, not trusting myself around food, what diet to follow, trying to eliminate all possible foods that would cause me to binge, getting no results.

Three years ago, on a Thursday night.

I've just finished almost everything in my pantry after bingeing on doughnuts, drive-through food, and emptied my pantry.

I was in tears. In fact, I was ugly crying on the floor, hugging my dog, and just wishing that I could be free of the hold food had on me.

I've been to many professionals and according to the statistical diagnostics there was no diagnosis for what I had, so for over 13 years, I struggled with a disordered relationship with food resulting in two eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and emotional eating.

There was no one out there to help me. I felt like a failure, I had a successful career, supporting friends, and a loving husband but I could not get a grip on my binge eating.

On this Thursday, I cried, as if my best friend has just died.

I felt helpless. I felt ashamed. I felt out of control.

And it was at that moment where I knew that I needed to help myself heal.

I started researching for ways that could work, I found information on rewiring your brain,

I applied with so many appointments but I didn't show up I was too scared, eventually, I found a coach who specialised in eating disorder recovery.

I learnt how to heal my relationship with food through rewiring my brain; I learnt how to become mindful of my emotions, and finally, I built new habits that no longer had me shackled to food or calories.

3 months into my recovery, I realised I no longer reached for food when having a bad day, I could have some chocolate without finishing the entire block and at that moment, I knew I needed to help others out there struggling like me.

No one should ever have to have that kind of relationship with food, no one should suffer in shame or guilt for what their bodies look like. Unfortunately, society (a.k.a the diet industry) tells us we need to look a certain way to be "acceptable", we need to judge ourselves and others for our food choices and we need to starve our bodies to get there.

As human beings, it's not what life is about, we deserve to accept ourselves and others without feeling ashamed about our bodies.

That is why I do what I do. And that is why I'm now the number one authority in helping women stop binge and emotional eating.

After 12 weeks of going all-in on ONE recovery protocol, showing up consistently & learning the psychology of how binge eating works and how to stop it, I created a full proof program of my own to help women do the same!

In the past 2 years I have helped 100ds of women heal their relationship with food through my Food Freedom Program as well as my binge and emotional eating community

Since that first program, I have collected easy to use tools and strategies to hel you stop binge eating.

Because I KNOW you are here to finally be normal around food, take your life back and heal your relationship with food.

Imagine If you could choose to work with your body. Live your life on your own terms.

Express yourself with confidence, and reclaim your personal power?

Book a free 30-minute strategy call to see if this mentoring program is a good fit for you, and to ask any questions you may have.

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Life is too short to feel guilty for what you ate